• We're sad to announce that the 2nd annual FOSSIL Conference will be postponed, and will not take place in August 2020. We look forward to seeing you next year, when we can responsibly chat about all the great new evolutionary social science work from FlyOver State Scientists!

    - FOSSIL Team

    A regional conference, bringing together evolutionary social scientists across fields, universities, and (flyover) states.



    2nd Annual FOSSIL Postponed

    A regional conference for evolutionary social scientists

    Our Mission

    Via FOSSIL (Flyover State Scientists Integrating EvoLution), our mission is to provide evolutionary social scientists with an interdisciplinary forum for sharing research, facilitating collaborations, and fostering new opportunities for scientific growth.


    FOSSIL will provide a collegial environment to promote the careers and scholarly development of graduate and undergraduate students interested in evolutionary approaches, showcasing their work alongside that of leading minds to best train and support the next generation of evolutionary social scientists.


    FOSSIL is thus open to established and developing scholars in nearby States who already employ, or seek to employ, an evolutionary approach to their work—whether that be in psychology, anthropology, biology, animal behavior, political science, medicine, literature, or beyond. We welcome interested undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, faculty, or others with a university affiliation.


    FOSSIL features a nationally-recognized keynote speaker, various presentations from evolutionary-minded faculty and both graduate and undergraduate students (talks, blitzes, posters), and a Collaboration Innovation Session that will present the unique skills of successful labs to foster cross-cutting opportunities to work together.


    Department of Psychology

    Chair, Dr. Thad Leffingwell



    FOSSIL 2020 Oklahoma State Planning Committee

    Dr. Jaimie Arona Krems & Dr. Jennifer Byrd-Craven (Faculty heads)

    Erin Wood & Ray Garza (Graduate Student Heads)